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  • 2011-01-06 Thu 23:27:45
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I remember someone mention this on twitter before. This person was talking about the changes happening when we are adult. I think we are all afraid to become a different person when we grow up.

Winning and losing important things. Months ago, when I saw this tweet I was thinking to myself: "uwah I don't want to lose what I love doing so much", "I will make sure to keep going with those stuffs when I grow up". Drawing, playing (otome) games, talking about anime with everyone, dig new stuffs about the seiyuu I love so much...

But at some point, I know that little by little, this part of me will disappear. Because I will be busy trying to be succeful at work, or because I will feel too old doing those things, it might be because I'm not interested anymore in them, or something else. Maybe I will need to change this part of me to precisely, be able to change and become 'my true self'.

I think I am able to totally accept it now. I was seriously thinking about it lately and, to me, not accepting that you will at some point 'change' is to deny your future self.

Probably a lot of people will not agree because, if you really love doing something then in the future you will do all it takes to keep it going and grow with it. I'm not aiming to be an artist or designer or anything art-related so I know I will have to give up those things at some point.

Lastly, I really encourage you kids to enjoy every bit of the time you spend struggling at school because it's something that will happen only once in your life. School years are the times you feel freedom the most!! Believe me I know about what I'm talking about ww (kinda feels like a parent talking I know /kicked)

Anyway-- I don't know if this person remembers talking about this but since I didn't answer at the time, I hope that makes a reasonable answer. :')


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  • 2011-01-06 Thu 15:55:23
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I have a feeling this year will be the beginning of something very-- important in my life. I hope more exciting stuffs will happen in 2011. Those past 3 years were hell but 2011 will be like, the beginning of a new life. Ummm ok I'm saying this yet, I am very anxious about the choices I have to make right now. I've lost so much time, I don't want to be left behind again...

Anyway--- I wish everyone the same feeling of 'rebirth', accomplishment and I wish you guys lots of love and happiness in 2011!!

About my resolutions....

◆Take better care of myself
◆(Re)start a diet and get to my dream weight

◆Be more organized/have my stuffs done
I'm thinking about buying a diary/day planner or something to plan my days because there so mu---ch things I want to do but I always end up doing nothing related OTL This will help me get more organized, I hope;;;

◆Make money/save money
I just want to buy new clothes and have a big change in my wardrobe though;;^q^ /kicked

That's pretty much all I want to accomplish for 2011?
I didn't write a 'get better at drawing' or 'draw more' resolution because, I know each year I write this I never get them done. The more year passes, the less I keep drawing. Probably in 5 years or something I will have completely stopped to draw... kk maybe I'm just emo or something lately lol no one knows what will happen in the future~~


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  • 2010-12-25 Sat 14:08:00
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We don't do anything special for xmas at my place but I wish a happy day to happen to everyone~~

Came back home since sunday but I was too laz(ry /gethit
It was an awesome trip, but too short unfortunately T_T I miss the people I met there, they were all so nice! Well, the girls from the group live in the same town so I can easily contact them. Our teacher, Patty, didn't talk a bit of French but her English was so easy to understand! The last day, that guy who was always with us told me this trip was useless for me since my English was already so good and stuff lol but I never went to UK cos we're too poor so yeah ahah ^p^

We spent a lot of time in class/eating at restaurant (chinese, italian, indian, ..). But I fell sick (fever sob) at the end, didn't get to visit the town with the others T_T
Anyway it was really, really great! I really want to go to UK again sometime, with family or friends hehe ^p^ but this time in summer, pls orz Too bad I didn't have a camera to take photos...


lol thanks wakako!
we went to Oxford Street on the last day, its ok I didn't get anything stolen^^
London is a really awesome town, so many asian, indian and other nationality people. The fashion is also very pretty~~ I really want to go again sometime *a*


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  • 2010-12-11 Sat 20:29:32
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Hao! UK is finally tomorrow~~~~
We're staying 5 days, until dec 16th. I'm just sad I don't have a camera to take photos, I'll have to do a post without them when I come back T_T we'll be in a town called err.. I don't remember /bricked. But I know its near the sea!
Our last day will be a free tour in London. There's so much I want to see hehe!! I'll try going around Piccadilly because I heard there were a lot of asian shops there ww /gethit I think we need to take the Tube (?) to get there though... Praying so I don't get lost on that day orzzz


sob i'mm missing all pchat lately, curse the timezones ;-;

ahh i read a summary of kuragehime and it sounds so cute~~
anyway its on my to-watch list!

wwww i'm still waiting for you to sing that himo song on skype!! /stare

i watched the first ep of bakuman and its pretty fun!
need to watch more of them ^p^ actually i really want to read the manga too~


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  • 2010-11-28 Sun 20:02:21
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eee I'm sad, there was a p-chat yesterday but I couldn't get in. It was 4am here... (ノДT)アゥゥ
Anyway.... made a list of the series I watched/am watching atm and my opinion about them!

**NO SPOILER so you don't have to be careful about reading this**

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